Welcome to my Australian Mists webpage.

In 2009 my first Australian Mist, a lovely little Chocolate Marbled girl called Gossamyst Yani Ancalime (Callie) will have arrived at the Rastacat household to start a new chapter in my show/breeding career. This is all very exciting and new for me, as the Australian Mist are not currently recognised by GCCF and so I have joined a small group of ladies who have imported these beautiful cats and are trying to progress the breed through the UK systems.
My first cat was given to me by my father when I was 3 years old, Tibias Tibby Tib was a good old fashioned Blotched Tabby Moggy, there started my love affair with cats. My first pedigree cat was a little usual Abyssinian and the first cat show I attended - well I was taken by - a Burmese breeder!! Ironic then that these three breeds of cat are the make up of the Australian Mist !!!
I have been breeding and showing my Cornish Rex cats for over 20 years under the Rastacat prefix (also the Jacnjan prefix with Jackie Green and more lately the Rastakeshi prefix with Michelle Carter), so I have 'some' experience of the work involved, but the challenge with the Australian Mist to get recognition and to promote these lovely little cats is something I look forward to over the coming years.
I hope that this website will show you how wonderful these little cats are and their history and how you too can join in with the progression of the Australian Mist in the UK.
Copyright 2011 Jan Cross
As of 2012 the GCCF are now registering Australian Mists and all of my cats are now  GCCF registered. 

In line with the GCCF Registration Policy all breeding cats should be DNA tested for
PK Def and the LH gene, my cats have been tested and I also test for Agouti. 

If you wish to see a copy of the Test Certificates please ask.