Some photos of previous kittens and current Mists at the Jarrahcat household.
Copyright 2011 Jan Cross
Jarrahcat Sidney Harbourbridge and Jarrahcat Darwin
bn.04 April 2010  Brown Marbled
Jarrahcat Heath Ledger and Jarrahcat Hugh Jackman
bn. 15 September 2009 Chocolate Spotted
Jarrahcat Adelaide
bn.04 April 2010  Gold Marbled
Jarrahcat Stella Bella (Peach Marbled) settles in to her new home with her 2 new big brothers - I don't know if the empty glass of wine is hers, or her new owners 'sedation' from having a new kitten??
Jarrahcat Rosemount Blue looks settled enough in her new home
Life was very stressful for Jarrahcat Xanadu Semillion (aka Tullie) when he first arrived at his new home.